Can you imagine yourself as a child living in an environment where you have nobody to look after you, nobody to provide you with food and safety, nobody to answer your questions, nobody with whom to share your life. You spend your days scavenging for something to sell so that you can survive, so that you can continue to exist. Possibly the worst part of your situation is that you have no hope of changing it. This is the life for many of the orphans throughout Africa.

The “Africa Orphan Program” changes that situation by “Helping Children Help Themselves”. The only way these forgotten children can have any hope for a future that breaks their chains of poverty is to get an education. There is no other way. Through this program orphans live in a loving environment with other children where they receive an education, are safe, have good nutrition, have access to health care and have spiritual support.

We invite you to explore this website, learn more about these special children, their hopes and their dreams and their success stories. Learn about the “Africa Orphan Program”, how it provides an avenue to the future for these kids and how you can get involved, make a difference, and “Help These Children Help Themselves”.

Mother Teresa asked us to “do little things with great love” as a means of us “walking the gospel” and carrying out God’s commandment to love one another.  In helping one child each of us makes a difference in their life and in our own lives as we carry out this wonderful message from God.