Others We Have Helped

Others We Have Helped

Our focus on providing access to an education for orphans in Africa has provided some interesting opportunities for us.  We examine each opportunity carefully and after careful analysis, deliberation and prayer have been able to help in those situations that fit well into the Program’s mission and focus.  These are some of the opportunities that we have recently enjoined:

  • School in Rwanda– We were able to help in the construction of a secondary school in the village of Nyumba, Rwanda.  Previously there was no secondary school in the village, thereby limiting the orphans and poor children of the village to a primary school education.  Today there are 400 children attending this new secondary school, preparing themselves for jobs or further education.

School and the children in Bungoma

  • School in Kenya – The town of Bungoma in eastern Kenya had expanded their primary school to the degree that teachers no longer had offices and were reviewing and grading assignments while sitting at temporary desks on outside porches.  Our program was able to assist in the construction of shared offices for the teachers.  We have also completed construction of two new classrooms in this same school.
  • Tuition Assistance – In this same school in Bungoma many orphans and poor children cannot attend school due to lack of funds.  We have been able to provide tuition assistance to some of these children so they can pursue an education.
  • Home Construction– We were able to completely fund one of the homes in Nyumbani Village.  The home is now completed and has 10 orphans, along with their housemother, living in it while they pursue an education.

    Home for the orphans built by the Africa Orphan Program

    This home will be a living testament to our “Africa Orphan Program” as future children live in the home and experience love while they pursue educational opportunities within the Village.

  • Malaria Prevention – In a very poor area of Eastern Kenya the prevalence of malaria is very high, which prevents children from going to school.  Our Program was able to purchase and distribute  mosquito nets for malaria prevention allowing children to continue their education.

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