New Home for Orphans

New Home for Orphans

Most of the orphans that are pursuing an education in the “Africa Orphan Program” live in the created village for orphans called Nyumbani Village.  In the Village the orphans live together in groups of 10 along with a housemother in individual homes.  The Program has built one of these homes and even has a plaque outside the door of the house that says “Blessed Teresa of Calcutta – Woodinville, Washington USA”.

Rammed Earth Bricks Being Laid

The home is built of bricks that are made on site by local villagers and are referred to as “rammed  earth” bricks.  The construction process is quite interesting in that there is no mortar used in the building of the house.  Instead, the bricks are designed with ridges that allow them to interlock with each other.  In Africa this method creates a home that is stronger than if mortar was used.  The home has a steel roof which sheds the rains.  Within the home there are 3 bedrooms, one for girls, one for boys and one for the housemother.  There is also a common room.

Rainwater Retention Tank

The home is built within a cluster with 3 other homes.  The 4 homes share a rainwater retention system and laundering facilities.  Each home, including ours, has a small personal garden that supplements food from the Village’s large organic garden.
Our home is now completed and is already occupied by 10 children attending the schools within the Village.  They have a housemother, a biological grandmother of some of those 10 children, living with them.

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