Families Kept Together

Families Kept Together


A-MealOne of the greatest impacts of this Program is that families of siblings are kept together.  Many programs assisting the poor in Africa are only able to help one child in the family, typically the oldest.  The remaining younger siblings are left to fend for themselves.  The “Africa Orphan Program” always provides the opportunity for all orphan siblings to move together to Nyumbani Village, live together in the same house and enjoy together all the benefits of the program including an education.

This impact goes beyond just the oldest child.  Now that child does not have to worry about their younger siblings, meaning they can focus all their energies on getting an education which in the end means they and their siblings will be able to escape poverty.  Their siblings also no longer have to worry about surviving for another day; instead they also can focus on getting an education.

Munini-LanduOne of the most wonderful impacts in keeping the existing family unit of siblings together is exactly that…keeping the family unit together.  By keeping the family together we are providing for and encouraging all the interaction and benefits of family members as God intended it to be.

The beauty of this program is further extended to those single orphans who have no siblings.  They become “family” by living in a home environment in Nyumbani Village with nine other orphans, some of whom may be siblings and some may be other single orphans.  Experience has found that these single orphans become part of the “family”, in essence a new family.  The positive impact on these single orphans because of this “family” arrangement is excellent and gratifying to us.

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