Ways to Get Involved

Ways to Get Involved


DONATE – Blessed Teresa of Calcutta/Africa Orphan Program is a 501 (c) (3) organization.

Each of the orphans in our program is provided with the following in addition to a university education if they qualify:

  • A home in Nyumbani Village
  • Education from primary school to high school and even polytechnic (trade) school
  • School books and supplies
  • Uniform
  • All meals
  • Medical needs

Donations by Check:

Click on a button below to download the appropriate form. Print the form and include it with your check.

USE YOUR COMPANY’S MATCHING DONATION PROGRAM – Many employers have programs which will match your donation. Double your donation by requesting your employer to match your donation. Here is a partial list of employers with matching programs. If your employer is not on the list be sure to ask them anyway. Please give your employer the following information:

Africa Orphan Program
Blessed Teresa of Calcutta
17856 NE Woodinville-Duvall Rd.
Woodinville, Washington 98077
Telephone = 425-806-8096
Employer Identification Number (EIN) = 75-3159860

STOCK DONATIONS – Consider donating stocks or bonds. This can usually be arranged through your stock broker or financial advisor.

INVITE AN “AFRICA ORPHAN PROGRAM” REPRESENTATIVE TO MAKE A PRESENTATION – Invite one of our program representatives to make a presentation at your church, company or other organization.

JOIN OUR EMAIL NEWS UPDATE LIST – We send out periodic email updates with the most current activities of the Program. Send us your email to receive these updates.

PASS ON OUR WEBSITE INFORMATION – Send our website information www.africaorphanprogram.com on to your family and friends and discuss the Program with them.

AWARENESS EVENING – Hold an “awareness evening” in your home using our website and possibly even a representative of our Program.

CHARITY BIRTHDAYS – For the next birthday of yourself of your children instead of having people bring gifts have them bring a monetary donation to the “Africa Orphan Program”.

GARAGE SALE – Get rid of all those unwanted items at a garage sale and donate the receipts to the Program.

RAFFLE – An easy way to raise funds is to raffle a large item such as new or even a good used car and donate the proceeds to the Program.

CHARITY CHALLENGE – Are you into fitness? Consider collecting donations for your next personal challenge from a 5k run to a long distance bike ride to a mountain climbing expedition.

CARD GAME EVENING – A fun way to entertain friends is to have a game evening with a cover charge or proceeds from the evening going to the Program.

CAR WASH – Kids love a car wash and this can be a fun and profitable fundraiser.

DUCK RACE – A popular fundraiser is to “sell” individual plastic ducks with numbers on them, put them in a creek for a “duck race” with the winner getting a percentage of the receipts and the rest going to the Program.

CAR RALLY – Gather friends for a day of adventure going from checkpoint to checkpoint with maps and GPS. Charge an entry fee with the winner getting a portion of the receipts and the rest going to the Program.

SCAVENGER HUNT – Similar adventure to a car rally though you may need to take a car, bus, taxi or who knows what. Again, a portion of the proceeds go to the Program.

BOOK SALE – Collect used books from all your friends and family and have a big book sale with all the proceeds going to the Program.

WEDDING REGISTRY – Add a donation to the “Africa Orphan Program” to your wedding gift registry.

AFRICAN DINNER – Host an African dinner, discuss the Program and ask for donations.

MOVIE NIGHT – Gather some friends together with popcorn and soda for a special movie night with ticket “sales” and the profits go to the Program.

BAKE SALEIt is hard to beat a good bake sale

AUCTION – Put on an auction, large or small, for a wonderful evening of entertainment and the ability to help others.

SKIP A MEAL – Skip meal a day for awhile and use the savings to donate to the Program. Kids usually really get into this type of thing.

USE NO LIGHTS – Use no electric lights for one day a week. Determine the savings and contribute it to the kids in the Program.

WALK – Walk to school, work or shopping, calculate the savings and donate it to the Program.


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